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John Tocci

John Tocci

John Tocci is a 20-year-old college student attending Temple University. After deciding to attend Temple, majoring in Finance became John Tocci’s next biggest choice. It complements John’s favorite hobby, business. For some reason, John gets a thrill out of reading analytics.

He went to Haverford Senior High School in Havertown, PA and graduated in 2017. During his time at Haverford, John was a member of Best Buddies, National Business Honors Society, and Haverford Ice Hockey. He spent a lot of his time reading and socializing with other students as a way to grow his personal brand.

Throughout his whole life, John has gotten a thrill out of the political discussions taking place. John enjoys discussing ideas with people. He is always in the mood to share his opinions with others in a respectful way. If you would like John to give his opinion about something, ask him!

Finally, John enjoys talking about anything finance related. Finance excites him because he loves the idea of making more money. He reads the news daily and is consistently following market news and updates. It is something he likes to do, and it gets more fun as he grows his income.

John Tocci loves to be active on social media and share his opinions with you. John would like to learn as much as he can from all of you and will continue to try his best to keep you entertained.

Twitter is John’s most active social media platform. If you would like to follow him, you can reach him at @JohnTocci.

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