The Best Items to Sell Online or with Affiliate Links

 Why is doing online sales a Good Idea?

If you are reading this then chances are you are an aspiring entrepreneur that is always looking for new ways to increase both your active and passive incomes. One of the best ways to earn in the current economy, that really doesn’t take a huge amount of time is selling products through online shops and through affiliate links with companies like Amazon. What are the hot sellers? Well, it varies from niche to niche, but this is an overview of the consistent high sellers from all categories.

E-Commerce is considered one of the best ways to make money in 2019, and that is not even as a full reseller (who buys products, lists, and ships). New opportunities in the area of drop shipping and affiliate marketers that simply place links and ads on their own sites and collect commissions on the sale.

So, don’t worry if you don’t fancy yourself a merchant, you don’t have to be. If you can sign up as an Amazon Affiliate (link is below) and place links online via social media or a website, then you can make a passive income selling online. Through drop shipping or affiliate links, you simply market the products and someone else ships/collects the money and then pays you. Below are some of the best sellers year to year as listed on Amazon!

Hot Sellers


Whether its fiction, self-help, or business related it is a hot seller. This is both e-books and paper books, across all genres. The most profitable thing is to write your own e-book and sell it through the Kindle Publishing App here. But, if you are not a writer and do not wish to pay a ghostwriter, then stick to selling other peoples books for a commission through Amazon’s Affiliate Program here. Below are some of Amazon’s hottest sellers in the book category.

Where the Crawdads Sing-Fiction

The Subtle Art of Not Giving an F****-self help

Becoming-Michelle Obama Bio-Biography

This is Marketing-Business


Baby and Children’s Clothes/Educational Toys

Who makes most of the purchasing decisions in the American family, mom!? So, clothes for babies and children will remain some of the hottest sellers for years to come. If humans are procreating, their progeny will need, for lack of a better word, stuff. And because babies don’t stay the same size for very long, this means they need a lot of stuff. Here are some of the hottest sellers on Amazon.

Baby Soft First Books

Burt’s Bee’s Unisex Onesie


Affordable jewelry

Gold, silver, or precious gems the sparkly stuff is always in high demand. They are considered great or appropriate gifts for just about any event or holiday. Moreover, the profit margin can be a staggering 50%+, it’s only if you can take advantage of unique long-tail keywords. If your items can only be described in generic single keywords, don’t bother. You’re competing against far too much. Below are the current hot sellers on Amazon.

Stark of NYC Fine Jewelers-Affordable and Quality


Exercise Clothing

People want to stay healthy and there are still plenty of New Year’s Resolution Makers around that need new exercise clothing. Since it is always in use, it wears out fast and people usually do not want to buy used. So, new clothing is where it is at. Below are the best sellers on Amazon.

Women’s Exercise Socks

Men’s Compression Shorts

Women’s Yoga Pants/Leggings

Men’s Athletic Socks


Electronic Items and All Their Accessories

Let’s face it, we are tech-crazy! So, it makes sense that electronic and even more so accessories would be top sellers. People love their techy gadgets and what’s in it for you is:

  • The lower of Amazon’s commission fee (8% versus 15%)
  • A plethora of choices and subsets within each category
  • A variety of new devices coming out all the time
  • Different ways of appealing to different audiences based on the brand name, even though they all do essentially the same stuff
  • Excellent arbitrage (stores buying leftovers in bulk) opportunities

Here are the current hot sellers:

Apple Air Pods

Universal Cell Phone Car Mount

Amazon Dot Echo

Universal Blue Tooth Headphones

Samsung Phone Cases

Apple iPhone Cases


Cosmetics and Skin Care

Everyone loves to look their best, so cosmetics and skin care are always great sellers. Brands SHANY, Cover Girl, Elf, and Maybelline still lead the pack and you can sell them all.

Assorted Makeup Brushes

Shany Full Make up Kit

ELF Primer

ELF Bubble Mask and Cleanser

ELF Powder



This is just scratching the surface of all the opportunities that you can find as an Amazon Affiliate or Drop Shipper. If you need an extra income, check it out.




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