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How to Grow Your Twitter Following


If you’re like everyone else, you want to grow your Twitter following. Twitter is a platform with an average of 300 million active monthly users. A social media platform with this scale of active users provides a networking dream-come-true.

Many opportunities present itself for businesses or influencers looking to increase their online presence. Increasing your online presence is useful for driving more valuable traffic and provides you with the chance to begin monetizing your content.

Sign up on Twiends

Twiends is a service that allows you to connect with users in your niche, thus increasing your online presence. Users will have an opportunity to connect with you and begin engaging with your content.

Signing up on Twiends is a great way to organically grow your Twitter account. Your Twitter will be shown to more people and the best way to get more followers is to get in more users vision.

Tweet More

Tweeting more will be useful in getting more content for users to discover. Do not spam the timeline, but maybe adding a couple more tweets daily will give your follower growth a quick boost.

Tweet more engaging content. Photos and videos tend to get more engagements than a regular text tweet would. Use this knowledge to create more engaging tweets to increase your followers.

Use Hashtags

Using hashtags will allow more users who are not following you to discover your tweets. People search hashtags to find tweets in their niche, so use this to get your content discovered quickly.

Follow More Accounts

Another great way to increase your following is to follow more accounts. Following more accounts allows them the chance to follow you back and see that you exist.

Do not just follow more accounts, engage with them also. DM them, like their tweets, reply to relevant content, etc. All of this gives you more ways to be discovered and get more followers.

Share Your Twitter on Other Social Media

Use your Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, whatever to get more followers to your Twitter. Give yourself a quick shoutout and watch accounts from your other social media follow you on Twitter.

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Getting more followers is a time-consuming event. The followers will not come quickly right away, but over time your followers will begin to compound. Eventually, you will get to a point where your following will continue to grow on its own without you doing much.

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