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How to Create Content for Instagram?

When it comes to running an Instagram account, content is key. Content is what your users will view to make the ultimate decision if your account is worth following. A lot of people find themselves asking, how exactly do I create content for Instagram?

Content should not be taken lightly. You should first develop a plan on how you will create your content before starting your Instagram page. You will want to have a consistent Instagram feed that is engaging, hopefully leading to more followers.

On my personal Instagram that I use for personal branding, I have a content strategy that involves posting a photo of myself with a mini blog post as the description. I have found that since I am a blogger, I need to try to find niche followers that will engage with my content. Therefore, it makes sense to provide them with a blog post in the caption of my Instagram posts.

An example is shown below:


Instagram Blog Instagram blog

Where to Get Content For Instagram?

Every Instagram is different in that we all have a different niche. We are all targeting different types of followers, so it makes it hard to have a one size fits all content strategy. Therefore, here are a few options to create content:

Hire a Freelancer

Freelancers are a great way to optimize your Instagram feed professionally. I would suggest using Fiverr or UpWork to hire a professional graphics designer to optimize your images for engagement.

The key is to find someone with great reviews to make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck.

Use Photoshop or Canva

When it comes to creating great content, creating high-quality Instagram posts can be accomplished by using applications like Photoshop or Canva. Both are great options, but I would recommend using Canva because it is free and gives you templates that are easy to work with.

Creating Instagram stories and posts will be extremely easy through Canva because it is meant for people with not a lot of graphics design experience. It is a great way to add text overlays, filters, and other elements to make your content pop.

Have a Photoshoot Day

My favorite way to create user-generated content is to find a day during the week where you can have a photoshoot. If you do not have the money to pay a photographer, ask one of your friends or family members to come out and take pictures for you! It is a fun bonding experience and can be a great way to explore new places.

I suggest going to your local city, parks, or other attractions to get good photos. Doing this provides a way to use different location tags on your content to drive even more traffic to your content.

Post Pictures of Your Products

If you are a small business, the type of content you post is very critical to your success in growing your business. Since you are not a typical Instagram user, your Instagram strategy needs to be a little different. You must uniquely provide value to attract followers.

The easiest way is to take pictures of your products or services, edit them on Photoshop or Canva, and post them with discount codes. This provides value and gives a reason for people to follow your account.

Create Instagram Blogs

A fun thing I have been exploring with recently is making my Instagram account into a mini blog that drives traffic to my main blog. I do this by posting an image of myself, a motivational or unique caption, and then providing a blog post optimized with hashtags.

These types of posts tend to drive a lot of engagement to a target audience of my choice and are a great way to continue to create content. Since Instagram allows up to 2000 characters in the caption, you should have no issue with space!

Post Videos on Instagram Stories

A lot of people dream of being a vlogger, yet never take the steps to post any. Luckily, Instagram stories can be an interesting and fun way to vlog your life. You can add gifs, hashtags, and other elements to your stories to make them as engaging as possible.

Using Instagram stories is a great way to keep your followers engaged with your account and drive traffic. Make sure to consistently post quality content, or this will not be successful.

Repost Other Users Content

Of course, you will want to make sure to give other users credit for their posts, so make sure to tag them and give them a shoutout when reposting. Collaborating is one of the easiest ways to grow an Instagram account and is an easy way to get more followers.


Creating content is not easy. Everyone has been in a situation where they want to post, but do not have anything they find worthy of posting. Hopefully, this article provides you with some ideas to get ahead of your posting schedule.

Make sure to have a social media strategy, or even a social media manager if you are a business whos focus is to consistently post high-quality engaging content on your feed. It is vital to your success on Instagram, and should not be taken lightly.

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