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How to Use Social Media to Make Money in 2019

Social Media

Social media is a revolutionary form of networking that allows users to share content with each other. The popularity of social media has increased from only .97 billion users in 2010 all the way to 3.09 billion in 2019. This is massive!

Out of all the benefits that social media can provide people, the ability to make money and profit from it has got to be the most exciting. Using your content-making-ability to generate extra revenue is an enormous benefit.

This is why I am here to give you practical ways to make money using social media in 2019. 

Affiliate Marketing

Plenty of people have heard of affiliate marketing, but few know what it actually is. Affiliate marketing is the practice of allowing “affiliates” to earn commission by recommending a product to users. Essentially, influencers on social media will take a product, market it, and have people sign up or purchase the product using a special code or affiliate link.

Knowing this, you can create a profitable side-hustle or even full-time income recommending products to your followers.

How Do I Start Affiliate Marketing?

First things first, you will want to find a product to market. Amazon allows influencers to start affiliate marketing, but you can also use other companies to do this. Start by reaching out to businesses whos products you enjoy, and ask them if they offer an affiliate program. This can take a lot of time and effort, but it will be worth it once you find the right company to work with.

Next, you will want to create an advertisement for the product. I suggest a trendy high-quality social media post of you using the products and services that you are promoting to have the best results. Make sure the photo, caption, and hashtags are optimized for your social media profile.

At the end of the post, be sure to include your affiliate link or promo code for the product. It is wise to include in the caption that the product is discounted using your code to get more people eager to purchase.

If you do not know what social media accounts to post on, try using Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. These are the three essential ones that have the most users, so it is smart to advertise on these networks. Also, if videos are your thing, don’t be afraid to market on YouTube for even more results!

You can find my guide to affiliate marketing on Twitter here. Be sure to check it out if you would like to use Twitter as a means for income.

Sponsored Posts on Social Media

Like affiliate marketing, sponsored posts will require you to make a post for a company or product. Instead of earning a commission on the sales, however, you will be getting a one-time-fee for the post.

The best way to market your promotion service is by creating a gig on a freelance website like Fiverr. You can also reach out to local and online businesses to let them know you are interested in promoting a brand and see if they are interested in working with you.

Google Adsense

This one has less to do with social media and more to do with blogging and YouTube, but it still is a way to make money online in 2019. If you have a blog, make sure to use Google Adsense to begin monetizing your website with ads.

If you are on YouTube and are eligible for the YouTube partner program, make sure to sign up and begin monetizing your channel. Your videos will begin to play advertisements before and during the video and you will be paid.

Sell Products and/or Services

Selling products and/or services is another intelligent method of making money on social media. You can create a store with a website like Shopify, and begin selling products through your social media.

The possibilities are endless as to what you can sell, so be creative.

Social Media Marketing

One of the more service-oriented methods to making money online with social media is to do social media marketing. Reach out to people and businesses and see if they need help growing their social media accounts.

Using digital marketing techniques, you can grow their accounts and be paid for this service. Doing this will allow you to earn extra income through social media.


The biggest part of using social media to make money is to post consistent, high-quality content. Without quality content, your social media efforts will mean nothing.

If you are not posting quality content already, make sure to work on this first. Once you get the content down, begin monetizing!

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