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Developing a social media strategy may appear to require a more extensive work schedule than you anticipated but having weighed all the economic value you get from social media, it is only fair you seriously think and work toward creating leverage on the platforms.

Be Consistent & Interact with Followers

Create weekly or monthly schedules for your select media platforms. Write down smart goals and objectives. When you start, you must have goals like having 1000 followers weekly on each platform. Limit yourself to three or less of the major platforms, do not spread yourself too thin. Choose the platforms where you can reach your intended audience and build a loyal fan base of 500 to 1000 people willing to buy your products and share your posts/videos. Create themes for each week. With the items in place, it is effortless to create content around your subject.

Prepare images for each content and set a specific time of day for doing uploads. It can be a morning routine. Say post on Facebook three times a week, then share a blog post weekly on Reddit, a video on YouTube, or doing two Instagram or Instagram posts per week. Once you post, make sure you are responding and liking comments and visiting the profiles of those that follow you. You do not have to follow them back, but be somewhat active on their pages, especially other influencers in your space.

Audiences should have some anticipation that their favorite influencer is going to share a blog post or video every Tuesday at 6 a.m., for example. You are the leader here. You set the pace. Whether or not readers keep up, you cannot afford to be the one failing them. The good thing about you being ahead is, if the post is up, even if your readers read and engage a week later, the job is done.

Keep your Identity across all platforms

Now that you are running the same brand on different social media platforms, it is crucial to keep a certain sense of identity and personality around you. It is also essential to keep it professional and use the same enthusiasm across all platforms. Ok, I realize you may prefer one platform to another, but you must keep it consistently positive on all of them. This is because the Audience you will get on Facebook will not be the Audience you get on twitter, so you must appear the same on all. Be open and welcoming to all followers. As well, let the ones you impress on Facebook not be disappointed when they follow you on twitter. One thing, you will have a group of followers who love you so much that they follow you everywhere. You need to keep your A-game anytime anywhere.

Keeping your identity will also allow for you to make money using social media, or the internet in general.

Use Controversy in a Smart Way

One trend that is picking up well on social media is building a following based on controversy. You ought to be careful though what you want to be controversial about. For example, you can be safe being controversial with matters of social ethics yet put yourself on the line with political controversy. If you are in it for just likes, angry reactions do still add the count of the responses, commentating, and going viral, but be cautious and pick your battles. Champion something important to those in your niche and try not to rattle too many cages. Let it be just social and not anything that can get you or your brand in trouble. Remember, we are working for fun and money. However, if you must choose something more controversial than picking a topic that most people can get behind.

Something generic like Certain people have a free ticket to do what they want when they want, but others are demonized for it. You cannot eat your cake and have it; always being held in higher esteem and allowed to practically do as they wish, while others will be chastised for the same behavior. Such as the difference between sexual mores of men and women, or the legal system for rich vs. poor, or the politician class (no matter the parties).” These are issues most people can understand and not get too ruffled over, but other than that, try to avoid controversy. Yes, it is suitable for social media follows, shares, and reactions, but may not be useful for building a blog or social following.

The above illustration is an example of how to use controversy without being too controversial. By talking about things that most people can get behind, you will be riding the fence to a certain extent, which will get people on your page without raging against you. People will share their perspective and respond to you. Others will tag their friends to come and share their opinions. Such social media practices led to easy fame for many, and it can work for you if you use the right mix of information and light controversy. The primary lesson here is to do something out of the ordinary and the comfort of your imagination.

Share and Encourage Sharing

You have to get people talking about your posts. The goal is traffic and conversion. Do whatever you what you can, as so long as you do not slander anyone or do not commit any crime. The call here is for you to be proactive. Always be ahead of the pack. You cannot just afford to sit there waiting for other influencers to set the pace for you. By the time they have employed a creative tactic on their blog, they have already converted the traffic to money, and by the time you are copying them, the Audience is already aware of the trick. You want to get them before the practice is common knowledge.

In summary, you must be consistent, pragmatically use controversy, be the same across all platforms, and interact. Those are the basics of using Social Media to build a brand,

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