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Twitter Optimization: How to Improve Your Twitter in 24 Hours (Or Less)

Twitter is a social network that in the first quarter of 2019 reported having 68 million monthly active Twitter users. Having this many monthly active users is massive. If you are interested in personal branding or growing your business, Twitter cannot be ignored. 
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Twitter Verification: How to Get Twitter Verified in 2019

How to Get Twitter Verified in 2019 What is Twitter Verification? The Twitter verification badge is an honor few have in 2019. The badge is part of the verified account program and signifies an account of public interest and has many benefits.…
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How to Grow Your Twitter Following

How to Grow Your Twitter Following Introduction If you're like everyone else, you want to grow your Twitter following. Twitter is a platform with an average of 300 million active monthly users. A social media platform with this scale of…