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Twitter Optimization: How to Improve Your Twitter in 24 Hours (Or Less)

How Do I Improve My Twitter Account in 24 Hours?

Twitter is a social network that in the first quarter of 2019 reported having 68 million monthly active Twitter users. Having this many monthly active users is massive. If you are interested in personal branding or growing your business, Twitter cannot be ignored. 

We now know that Twitter is not a social platform that can be taken lightly. You might ask, where should I start? The first thing I recommend is that if you do not have a personal Twitter account or one for your business, sign up right away. It is important to utilize this platform for consistent growth.

For this reason, I decided to create this article that will give you tips on how to improve your Twitter account in less than 24 hours. 

Step 1. Optimize Your Twitter Handle

Your Twitter handle is the first place you should look if you are trying to improve your Twitter account. Your handle is the wording after the @ symbol on someone’s bio. It is how your account is identified on Twitter.

I recommend for both a personal and business Twitter account trying to get your exact name as your handle. My handle is @JohnTocci which identifies my first and last name on my handle. If your first and last name is taken, try adding your middle initial, or using some other variation.

For a business, try to get your exact name also. If it is taken, maybe adding something like “LLC” or “corp” after your name will not be taken.

Step 2. Optimize Your Twitter Profile Photo

Personal Account

If you do not already have a profile photo for your account, you should invest in taking a professional high-quality photo. Tons of local photographers would be willing to do this for you, and it will add a lot of value to your profile.

Having a profile photo is extremely important in building a personal relationship with your target audience. Taking a clean, professional photo will make you stand out. My current profile photo on my personal Twitter is shown below. You can see that it is colorful, professional, and also shows what I look like.

All of this allows me to build a stronger connection with the people I am trying to get to follow me.

John Tocci

Business Account

If the account you are trying to market is a business, use your company’s logo. It is important for building your brand and getting people to associate your logo with your company.

Without a profile photo, your business will struggle to get growth on social media. It is crucial to get a profile photo ASAP.

Step 3. Optimize Your Twitter Banner

Your Twitter banner is a 1500x500px image that can be used for a variety of purposes. The important part of your banner is to also link to your other social media to cross-post your content.

I recommend doing the following based on the type of account:

Personal Account

If it is a personal account, I recommend using a few different types of banners depending on your strategy.


If you are a photographer, I would suggest using either a picture of you holding a camera photoshopped into one of your photos.


Businessman and finance professionals can use a wide-angle photo of them sitting in a desk with a client, or something else. If they specialize in the stock market, they might want to create something that includes stock symbols.


Showing a professional photo of you with your name photoshopped onto the banner would be an excellent strategy for celebrities. Also, a colored background with your name on it works just fine also.


A picture of you playing an instrument, in the studio, or performing will work great for your cover photo. It shows you at the moment and provides people with a personal reason to follow you.


Since you are a comedian, try to have a funny photo as your banner. It adds value to your followers and gives them a reason to follow you.


If you already have a YouTube cover photo, you can resize that with Canva. If you do not, I suggest heading over to Fiverr to have a banner made for you.


Since you are an artist, this is a great way for you to show your skills. Whatever you can create that is appealing and think would look good for your Twitter banner will work.

Business Account

If the banner is for your business, a simple colored background with your logo and business name will do the trick. You may also use your banner as a way to showcase your products and a coupon code to provide more value to your account.

Make sure to link to your other social media networks to also add more value to your account.

Step 4. Optimize Your Twitter Bio

Your Twitter bio is 160 characters long and gives you the opportunity to tell your audience who you are and what you’re about. You should focus on optimizing your twitter bio to show up in the Twitter search to get more followers.

Personal Account

With your personal account, you will want to optimize your bio depending on what you do. If you are a writer for BuzzFeed for example, you might want to do something along these lines.

#Writer for @Buzzfeed, retweets do not equal endorsements.

If you are a blogger, owner of a business, or anything else, you may want to do something like this. (This is my bio for my Twitter account.)

#Blogger | President of @ZizzloLLC | Student @TempleUniv | Opinions are my own. | Business Email: [email protected]

The bio in this example shows that I am a blogger, I own Zizzlo LLC, and that I am a student at Temple University. This gives my followers short information about who I am, and it builds a personal relationship with them.

Business Account

With a business account, it is important to give your followers a reason to follow you. Putting a coupon code, a catchy phrase, or using branded hashtags is a great way to use the 160 character bio.

@CocaCola, for example, uses this as their bio.

Spreading optimism, one bottle at a time, or maybe two bottles to share.

This is simple, catchy, and gives users a reason to follow them. Be creative with it. 

Step 5. Delete All Controversial and Unnecessary Tweets

Using Twitter search, search your account and key phrases that you have used that may not be professional on your account. If in the future, someone decides to look up bad things you have said, they will be doing this also.

Get one step ahead of them and delete anything that can cause you to have a publicity issue in the future.

Also, anything that does not provide value to your followers should be deleted. You can use programs to delete your tweets in bulk. It may be worth it to delete all your tweets.

Step 6. Schedule 7 Days Worth of Tweets With Buffer

Once a week, I like to use the app Buffer to begin scheduling tweets. It is an efficient way to keep my timeline active with relevant content throughout the week.

The type of content you decide to post is completely up to you, but it should be relevant to your niche. Think to yourself, what would my followers like for me to tweet?

Step 7. Look at Your Twitter Analytics

Go to your Twitter analytics to view what type of things your followers are interested in. Here, you will also find information about your account that can be useful to help grow.

Use this information to create a strategy to grow your Twitter account.

Step 8. Try to Get Verified on Twitter

The verified badge is the blue checkmark that appears next to a user’s Twitter handle. Getting verified on Twitter is not easy, but if you know the right people you can be verified.


Optimizing your Twitter account does not need to be a lengthy process. If you follow these steps, you can really have a better looking Twitter account in less than 12 hours. It is all about how you use the time, and what you do to create a more appealing account for followers.

Try to look at what your competitors are doing to attract followers. By doing this, you will get an idea of what you should be doing to stand out.

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